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Stream Machine

The Stream Machine is a great ocean or river blaster! Tried and tested. Just dunk it in the water and pull the sucker and blast away. This can shoot 50ft it you really get on it. Don’t suck in sand or rocks as this can clog and impair performance. You can use this to [...]

Super Soaker Flash Flood

This thing kinda looks like the starship Enterprise doesn’t it? This features a constant pressure CPS which allows for per perpetual stream. Pull back further on the trigger and the Flash Flood effect takes place. Has two blasting modes and a range of 35ft. Never used this one but looks really cool.


Tarantula Water Warrior

This water gun just looks tough like a star wars phaser! This is a motorized water gun so there is no pumping which is awesome for fast firing. In fact this will fire up to 35ft!It also has a rechargeable battery pack and charger included and it is a perpetual stream. That is awesome. [...]

Super Soaker Water Gun

The ultimate water gun

Super Soaker

This gun really goes the distance and with only a few pumps. Has a large reservoir (1 liter) for extended attacks and can be a bit heavy when completely full for a youngster.It also does require pumping action which could be difficult for a youngster as well. Three [...]

water blaster water gun

Twin Pack Water Blaster Water Gun

This water gun really rocks. We used these last summer and I was real impressed. It features a turbo hydraulic pump, if you can believe that, that creates amazing power. Also has a swivel arm which allows blasting at longer distances. The cool thing is the rapid fire [...]